Why an Auction?

If you are considering marketing property please take the time to read the information on this page. We hope it will answer many of your questions about the auction process. It will also introduce you to one of the top auction teams in the area.


Larry Hubbell Realty & Auction Sales has been serving Maury County and Middle Tennessee for over 50 years. During this time the Larry Hubbell team has earned a reputation for outstanding service and integrity. Their auctions produce excellent results for their clients.


From the time your auction is scheduled until the final settlement day, your sale will be handled by an experienced team that cares about its clients. Every detail is handled with two goals in mind: to obtain the best possible price for your property and to make sure you have no problems when the sale is complete.


After reading the information, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to talk with us about handling a sale for you.


What Is An Auction?

An auction sale is an effective marketing process that brings interested buyers together at one time to bid on real estate or personal property. An auction brings the seller the best possible price in one day while other marketing methods may take months. The auction method puts the spotlight on a particular piece of property and draws the attention of prospective buyers who may not otherwise know the property is available.


Aren't Auctions Risky?

No. Auctions produce excellent results as long as you have a professional and experienced team working for you. Larry Hubbell Realty & Auction Sales has conducted auctions for over 50 years. Our auctioneers have over 80 combined years of experience in the auction business. We are not a real estate company who also happens to conduct auctions—we are an auction company specializing in marketing real estate at auction. We have even held sales of property that were previously listed on the private market, yet brought more at auction than the original list price. You should consult an experienced professional before deciding to take property to auction. Not all properties are suitable for auction. If we feel a property is not suitable, we'll recommend that a different method be used to market the property. However, most properties do well at auction and bring market value at the sale.


How Much Lead Time Is Necessary for An Auction?

On the average, our company likes to have three to four weeks before the actual auction sale. Some properties can be done with less lead time while others may need more. For example, a house and lot can be sold at auction with a lead time of three weeks. On the other hand, a farm that does not have a recent survey may require as much as six weeks depending on the availability of a licensed surveyor.


What Is Involved In An Auction?

Once you have chosen our company to handle your auction sale, you can rest assured that we will handle the details competently and efficiently. Our staff is trained to handle any questions and difficulties that may arise. We may suggest some things you might do to contribute to the success of the sale, but other than that we will handle every detail.


How Much Does It Cost?

There are a number of factors that come into play when setting the rate for an auction. Our company works on a percentage of gross sales. This rate is determined by the seller and the auction company. Our rates are very competitive, and we invite you to contact one of our auction agents to discuss the rate for your property.


What Should I Look For When Choosing An Auction Company?

There are a variety of factors to consider when looking for an auction company: experience, knowledge, professionalism, and results. Please visit our staff page for more detailed information on each of our auctioneers/agents' credentials. One of the best ways to choose an auction company is to talk to the company's past clients. We will be happy to provide you with contact information for people for whom we have held auctions recently, and we encourage you to contact them for their assessment of our performance. We also invite you to attend one of our sales to see how we handle an auction on sale day. Finally, take a look at our auction results page to see the results of our sales. By considering all these factors, we hope you will agree that Larry Hubbell Realty & Auction Sales is the right company to handle your auction.


Personal Property Auctions

Most of this page talks about real estate. However, our company conducts a number of personal property sales. Whether it is household goods, farm equipment, store inventories, or industrial equipment, we have the experience to handle it. These types of items can be quickly converted to cash. If you have a healthy inventory or surplus items, you may need to contact us about converting them to cash and putting the money to work for you.


Estate Auctions

The auction method is the number one way that estates are settled. An auction sale can convert most estates to cash in one day. Using this method is fair to all concerned. While heirs of an estate cannot divide a piece of furniture six ways, they can divide the money. They also have the right to bid on anything put up for sale, which makes the division of the estate fair to all concerned.


We Are Problem Solvers

Any time you are confronted with a problem in the sale of real or personal property, give us a call. Considering the large number and wide variety of sales we have handled, chances are we have already encountered that problem and can help you solve it.


Larry Hubbell Realty & Auction Sales and its agents are properly licensed in the sale of real estate by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission and properly licensed to conduct any type of auction by the Tennessee Auctioneer Commission.


At Larry Hubbell Realty & Auction Sales, we are dedicated to serving the people of this area for years to come. Therefore, you can expect and will receive professional service from all of our staff.